Transtagonist is the umbrella term for creative projects produced collaboratively by hryx, Epershandrea, Igliashon Jones, and HCH.

As an organization, Transtagonist is now inactive with no immediate plans to resume. However, occasionally a project is executed in the same spirit as one of its ongoing exercises (see below), so fresh files are still uploaded here once in a while.

What follows is a list of things TT most notably accomplished.

Public Marching Band

In early February of 2008, Transtagonist put out a flier for an improvised marching band, which anyone was welcome to attend as long as they had an instrument and a hat. On February 10, almost 100 people showed up at Dolores Park in San Francisco wearing fedoras, cones, baskets, marching band hats, and more. They were carrying tubas, whistles, tamourines, saxophones, ukeleles, lyres, and… who knows what. What was intended to be about a quick romp around the park ended up taking off through the neighborhood, with people trading the role of conductor, and finally ending in epic cheers.

Apparently it had a strong impact a few people. We received many positive emails in reaction, including one telling us that the marching band was what our society so desparately needed that we had a moral obligation to organize more events. The Cacophoney Society took it upon themselves to organize the next one (or maybe more) several months later.

Special thanks go out to Laura Balch for getting so many SF0 people to show up.

Flier Crowd Marching away Instruments

Somewhere Completely Else

This is a book about a girl stepping out of her grey, war torn world into a world of color and absurdity, hidden between the degrees of a circle. The text was written by Igliashon The art was cut out of construction paper and drawn by Epershandrea, based on photographs by HCH. All the content is available under a Creative Commons 3.0 license.

The book made its debut at APE 2008. You can buy a physical copy on Blurb or read the full text here.

Book 1 Book 2 Book 3 Book 4


"One Thing One Day" was started as an exercise in committing to the completion of a project, and getting maximum creative output over a short time. The result always ends up with learned lessons and a product with an unexpected nature. Any type of work may qualify: music, photographs, poems, birdhouses…

The author creates one complete piece of work per day for a specified period. Because this is a project that can be redone in an infinite amount of ways, our members will still occassionally upload a new album or collection of images to the 1t1d site. Take a look at some of the things there -- then read the guidelines and try it out yourself! It can be, and has been, a transforming experience.

Tales From Over There Music graph

Dirty Faucet Downpour

Transtagonist's kick-off part and first event saw a stew of different talents and energy coming together in one place. There were music performances by Igliashon, Corpus Callosum's most minimal line-up, Ryan Huber of Battlehooch, and Lona Echo. Also on the bill was SF comedian Kevin O'Shea. HCH and Kevin had their own photos up on the walls and large boards accrued murals of doodles.

While the event was not public, there are amusing records left over from the different people who attended, primarily embodied in the polaroids people took of themselves in the "costume photo booth".

Dirty Faucet Downpour 1 Dirty Faucet Downpour 2 Dirty Faucet Downpour 3 Dirty Faucet Downpour 4 Dirty Faucet Downpour 5 Dirty Faucet Downpour 6